We Are –

We are committed scientists and experienced engineers to the well being of the Humankind and the Environment. Our interest and endeavors span across a wide spectrum of topics in Ecotoxicology, Environmental Science, and Environmental Engineering.

Expertise & Experience

Our work encompass experimental design, exploratory investigation, model development, literature review, theory development, and risk/hazard assessment.


  • Fate & Transport of Contaminants 
  • Experimental Design & Data Analysis
  • Environmental Modeling
  • Environmental Data Analytics
  • Macro-Review
  • Exploration on Frontier Topic
  • P-B-T Assessment
  • Risk & Hazard Assessment
  • Remediation & Decontamination


  • Design & Management of Experimental Plan
  • Database Construction and Data Compilation
  • Peer-reviewed Scientific Publication
  • Study Report

Clients & Funding Agencies

Getting in Touch with Us

Looking for a competent, independent collaborator on a challenging problem? Get in touch with us – we are happy to listen and glad to help!

Dr. Dave Kuo (Principal Scientist)

kuosrc@gmail.com •   tfdkuo@gmail.com

+011 852 5266 0256